Campaigners urge people to turn off The Late Late Show in protest at 'disturbing' treatment of lamb

The Animal Rights Action Network has described as horrific, a segment on last night's Late Late Show in which a lamb was restrained.

The programme featured new business ideas including a carousel to assist sheep farmers and vets in performing procedures on lambs.

ARAN says the lamb featured on last night's show was distressed and terrified of the bright lights, cameras and laughing audience.

The group's campaign's co-ordinator John Carmody, says the treatment of the lamb was inappropriate.

Mr Carmody said: "Disturbing scenes of a gentle lamb being strapped down in bright lights with cameras on top of this poor creature and a laughing audience.

"This was very disturbing for a lot of people and you could clearly tell that the poor animal was definitely terrified and was clearly suffering mentally as a result of being pinned down.

"It was nothing entertaining about that in our view."

ARAN released a statement saying it was "the most disturbing and uncomfortable scene on the Late Late Show".

They said: "Ryan Tubridy was either clueless or he simply turned a blind eye on Friday night when a lamb was pinned down on a 'Lamb Carousel'.

"The animal clearly was distressed and terrified of the bright lights, cameras and laughing audience - this prompted a deluge of calls, emails and Facebook pm's from ARAN supporters and members of the public voicing horror that the scene was left to air let alone RTE not giving a warning of what many compassionate viewers were about to witness.

"ARAN urges people to turn the channel next time The Late Late Show airs in protest."

Late Late Show viewers claim 'animal cruelty' after lamb put in carousel on live TV

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