Campaign urges home holidays

Tourism chiefs today launched a campaign to persuade more people to holiday at home this year with the promise of great value and convenience.

Fáilte Ireland also wants to send out a strong message that swapping overseas travel for an Irish break could help bolster the battered economy.

The campaign will include a revamped website flagging special offers, new -ook guide book and holiday planners as well as a multi-media advertising blitz.

John Concannon, director of Fáilte Ireland, said research showed a significant drop of almost 40% in the number of Irish people planning a short break abroad this year.

“This is very good news for the tourism industry and offers the prospect of good business in the face of weaker demand internationally,” he said.

“However, Irish consumers will be looking for value and quality more than ever before and this will be the core of our home holiday campaign as we present Ireland to its own people as a convenient, good value alternative to an international holiday.”

Adverts on television, radio, newspapers and internet over the coming weeks will focus on the value and convenience of holidaying at home.

Fáilte Ireland research showed that seven out of ten people will compare costs and prices before making a final decision about the destination of their holiday.

Some 34% said the hassle of international travel would be a key reason for staying at home this year.

“It’s all about value and convenience,” said Mr Concannon.

Fáilte Ireland said it would overhaul its website to make it more user-friendly and up-to-date while a beefed up special offers section is to be added.

“Interestingly, the internet has now overtaken word of mouth from friends and family as the primary source of information, illustrating the huge importance of the web to Ireland’s tourism industry” said Mr Concannon.

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