Campaign to remove references to 'Victoria' in Cork street names divides opinion

Irish street name campaigners have renewed their call for the removal of names that stem from British colonialism.

The Cork Street Names Campaign is objecting to the use of names like 'Victoria' in public places.

Cllr. Diarmaid Ó Cadhla

Campaign spokesman Cllr. Diarmaid Ó Cadhla said that he is getting a lot of support.

"It's an ongoing plan," he said.

"Proposals were submitted to the City Council there before Christmas and the Mayor at the time refused to even accept the proposal, so the issue escalated.

"But the basic issue is that, for example, in the name of 'Victoria', there are approximately 10 streets in Cork city named after Victoria, and in the whole of Cork city, would you believe, there is not a single monument to The Famine, An Gorta Mór," he said.

However, some Cork locals have complained about the campaign, saying that it sends a negative message to British tourists in particular.

C103’s Cork Today show received calls earlier this week regarding signs in relation to Queen Victoria appearing on street poles across Cork City.

Listener Nancy said: “I was walking around the city centre yesterday and I was disgusted to see posters up about the name Victoria and these posters referring to Irish History and Queen Victoria.

“What is worse I came across a group of British tourists that took photos of these posters.

“I feel this is so embarrassing for Ireland and Cork as we are trying to attract tourists and with Brexit this is the last thing we need.”



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