Cameron apologises to Finucane family after report reveals 'shocking' state collusion

The murder of Pat Finucane was "an appalling crime", British Prime Minister David Cameron told the House of Commons today.

Mr Cameron said in a statement that people are "entitled to know the extent and nature of the collusion" in Mr Finucane's killing.

Today's de Silva report provides "the fullest possible account of the murder of Pat Finucane and the extent of state collusion", said Mr Cameron.

The report finds no overarching state conspiracy, but "shocking" levels of state collusion, said Mr Cameron.

Mr Cameron said the degree of collusion exposed was "unacceptable" and said in a message to the family: "I am deeply sorry."

The review finds that actions by employees of the state "actively facilitated" the killing, said the Prime Minister.

The review, commissioned rby the British government, found that state employees actively "furthered and facilitated" the loyalist murder of Mr Finucane.

The review finds that the Army and Special Branch had advance notice of a series of planned UDA assassinations, but nothing was done, said Mr Cameron.

De Silva found that employees of the state and stage agents played "key roles" in the Finucane murder, said Mr Cameron, adding: "It cannot be argued that these were rogue agents."

Mr Cameron said the Finucane family suffered "the most grievous wrongs" and he respects their view that the de Silva review was not the right response.

But he said he disagreed with them, and said a public inquiry might not have uncovered so much information about the killing.

Mr Cameron said he hoped that today's report would contribute to moving the North's peace process forward.

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