Calls for resignation of health officials met with support from Minister

Reilly: PAC is wrong to attack the leadership, working under difficult circumstances.

One of the two health bosses called on to resign by the chair of the Public Accounts Committee has rejected claims he's done anything wrong.

Ambrose McLoughlin's hit back at the call from John McGuinness at today's meeting of the Committee.

Mr McGuinness said the Secretary General at the Department of Health and the HSE boss Tony O'Brien should quit over their administration and for frightening half the country out of their lives.

But Mr McLoughlin says he's not going anywhere.

It ultimately is a matter for political system to decide … the level of funding it want to put into the healthcare system," he said.

And I reject absolutely, completely, that I have acted improperly … I have discharged my office with due diligence, and I have discharged every single request that has been made of me."

In a statement the Health Minister said he agrees with John McGuinness that the HSE as a structure for delivering healthcare is not fit for purpose.

But James Reilly said the PAC Chairman is wrong to attack the leadership who are maintaining the services in difficult circumstances and who have his confidence.

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