Calls for Government to implement Citizen's Assembly climate change recommendations

There are calls for the Government to implement the recommendations issued by the Citizen's Assembly on tackling climate change.

The delegates made 13 recommendations yesterday, including higher taxes to reduce carbon emissions and steps that should be taken to enable the transition to electric cars.

All were agreed that Ireland should take a leadership role in addressing the issue.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan says there was a clear message.

He said: "The language was clear throughout this weekend that we are laggards not leaders.

"It is a difficult, complex issue but this group of citizens having being presented with the evidence, have come back with a clear message, that it is in our interest that we start tackling climate change and calling on the political system to start doing that."

"I hope that it won't be ignored."

Oisin Coughlan, Director of Friends of the Earth, says it's now up to TDs and Senators to implement the recommendations.

He said: "I think the 13 recommendations are a fantastic start, I think the Governement need to respond and not just the Government of course.

"These recommendations officially go to the whole Oireachtas, so now it is up to TD's and Senators to hear the voice of the people who have taken this issue seriously and made recommendations for action and to actually put them into policy."


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