Call for yoga to be taught in schools to relieve 'increased pressure' on children

A senator wants yoga to be taught in schools.

Jerry Buttimer (pictured below) believes it could lead to better well-being and help children develop good mental health.

Senator Buttimer says young people need new tools to cope with the strain of technology and boost their self-esteem.

He added there are "more and more demands on young children in terms of education but also in terms of pressures".

"I believe the impact and the strain of technology and the increased pressure on young people will be able to be overcome by having yoga and mindfulness taught in our schools," he said.

Personal yoga and meditation therapist Michael Ryan thinks it is a good idea

"I suppose we need it because the world is a pretty challenging place to be and we see it with a lot of statistics in terms of mental health and mental health issues," Mr Ryan said.

Almost 80% of kids will experience at some point in their lives mental health disorders. It's very difficult now to argue that yoga isn't actually supporting kids in creating a greater sense of wellbeing.

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