Call for mass protest against Nama

Anti-Nama campaigners today urged support for a mass protest claiming it could destabilise the coalition and throw the Government’s plans into chaos.

Trade unionists, left-wing politicians and community activists are organising a Dublin march against the proposed toxic assets agency and Government cutbacks.

The United Alliance Against Cuts group claim the Government is allowing bankers, speculators and developers to rob the least well off in society.

Richard Boyd-Barrett, People Before Profit, said a big turn-out for the march could push the Green Party and nervous Fianna Fáil backbenchers to vote against Nama.

“If we get a big enough protest I think it could crack the resolve of the Greens to stay in this Government,” he said.

“Equally we’ve seen with Fianna Fail backbenchers ... that there is real unease among Fianna Fáil TDs who fear they may lose their seats.

“I think if sufficient public pressure is put on those TDs over the coming weeks it could break the resolve of even some Fianna Fáilers to carry this thing through.”

UAAC launched its protest plans outside the National Treasury Management Agency in central Dublin, with activists dressed up as robbers supposedly representing bankers, developers, Nama and the Commission on Taxation.

The march will take place on September 19, beginning with a rally at Parnell Square before walking through the city, past the Dáil and finishing outside Anglo Irish Bank on St Stephen’s Green.

Mr Boyd-Barrett said tens of thousands of people could turn out given the swell of anger among the public.

Sinn Féin TD Aengus O’Snodaigh, who also attended the launch, said there was huge potential to stop the Nama project as there was anger across the political spectrum.

However, Socialist Party MEP Joe Higgins said while people must protest to vent their anger he did not think backbenchers would vote against the Government when Nama comes before the Dáil.

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