Call for Garda crackdown on teen drinking on Dublin's beaches

A local councillor at Dublin's popular beach areas is calling for extra garda resources to crack down on rowdy teens during the summer.

The call is due to the large number of young people who hang out by the sea over the summer.

Last month Gardaí had to deal with several fights that broke out among groups of teens at Howth Pier and Claremont beach near Sutton.

Independent Councillor for Howth-Malahide, Cian O'Callaghan, said previous garda operations have been successful:

"Gardaí do some very good work – at some of the train stations, for example – when people are coming off trains, seizing drink from young people who shouldn't have it," he said.

"Those sorts of operations can be very effective. If they don't have the numbers then they're not able to do that."

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