Call for ban on sulky racing following abandonment of injured horse

File photo of a horse which died in sulky racing last February. Pic: VANAH

There has been a call for a ban on sulky racing, following an incident in which an injured pony was left at the side of a road after crashing into a fence.

It happened in Tipperary town, where the pony was abandoned after being driven into a fence while being raced.

Passersby by came to the animals aid and Gardaí called the ISPCA.

A sulky is the lightweight, two-wheeled cart with a seat for a single driver, and harnessed to a horse.

The organisation is calling for an end to what it calls this "life threatening activity".

The Alliance for Animal rights previously called for a ban after a horse died in February taking part in a race near Horse and Jockey, also in Tipperary.

Last October another sulky pony was abandoned and died at the side of the Limerick to Cork road after it crashed into a parked car.

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