Cabinet meeting today to consider restoring discretionary medical cards

The Cabinet will meet this morning consider proposals to restore thousands of medical cards to people who lost them.

Health Minister Dr James Reilly will bring forward a series of options prepared by his department which could see service restored in a matter of weeks.

A spokesperson for Reilly has said that the HSE’s review, which has seen 1,200 people lose their medical cards since January, has had “unintended” consequences which must be addressed.

He will present ministers with a number of options to restore the cards to those who are seriously ill, including an administrative solution which would not require any changes to the law.

It is hoped that measure could see cards returned in a matter of weeks rather than months.

It is not yet known how far back the restoration of medical cards will go or who exactly will be eligible to have their cards restored.

An expert group is drawing up a list of conditions which would entitle a person for a medical card, however their report not due until September.

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