Buttimer tells canvassers: 'Don't take shortcuts over lawns and shrubbery'

Fine Gael's Cork South Central Deputy, Jerry Buttimer, has advised his party's candidates as the countdown continues to the Local and European elections.

The party has issued a DVD to candidates with helpful tips on how to have a successful canvassing session, including resisting the temptation of taking shortcuts across voters' lawns and through their garden plants.

They are also being advised not to knock on doors when people are likely to be watching a big match or a crucial soap opera episode.

Mr Buttimer features on the DVD and he says he's had personal experience of that, saying: "I remember a couple of weeks ago when I was canvassing, there was an episode of Coronation Street where Hayley was about to die and this woman very graciously said 'I'd love to talk to you, Hayley's about to die and I've been following Coronation Street, please call back again'."

"That's the type of stuff that we get, there are some people who will engage and somne that won’t, no matter what's on."

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