Businessman O'Gara loses action over Dartmouth Square

The High Court has today barred businessman Noel O'Gara from bringing any further legal actions in relation to Dartmouth Square in Dublin.

The order was made by Mr Justice Peter Charleton yesterday after he dismissed Mr O'Gara application for an injunction order against Mr Tom Murray the official liquidator of Marble & Granite Tiles Ltd, a company co-owned by Mr O'Gara and his wife Naramon which bought Dartmouth Square in 2005 for about €750, aimed at preventing the sale of the 2-acre site.

Mr O'Gara brought the action because he said that he was the victim of an alleged fraud.

Mr Murray had denied the claims, and his lawyers told the court that he had at all times acted in the best interests of the company in liquidation.

In his ruling today Mr Justice Peter Charleton dismissing Mr O'Gara's application the Judge said that nothing was put before the court by Mr O'Gara that would allow him make an order halting the sale of the Ranelagh property.

The Judge, following an application by Mr Murray's lawyers, also made orders striking out all Mr O'Gara's proceedings against Mr Murray and granted orders preventing Mr O'Gara, his company or entity on their behalf from bringing any further action in relation to Dartmouth Square, unless he obtained permission from the President of the High Court.

Noting the amount of litigation concerning the matter the Judge said that any action by Mr O'Gara and or parties related to him was now "totally and completely at an end".

The Judge added that Mr O'Gara's attitude to this and other related proceedings, which had significantly increased the costs of the liquidation, was indicative of a state of mind that was not prepared to let things go."

The Square was put up for sale at Allsops auction earlier this month. It was bought jointly by local residents and Dublin City Council for €142,000.

Mr O'Gara claimed the site was worth much more, and that there was conspiracy to put off buyers.

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