Burton: SF must explain handling of Mairia Cahill case

Tánaiste Joan Burton says Sinn Féin must explain their handling of the Mairia Cahill case.

Ms Cahill maintains she was raped by a leading Republican when she was a teenager and the abuse was covered up by Sinn Féin - an accusation which party leader Gerry Adams denies.

Mairia Cahill also says that a "kangaroo court" investigated the claims.

The Labour Party leader told Ocean FM that Sinn Féin still has questions to answer.

"There's no doubt, and I think a lot of figures in Sinn Féin have now acknowledged it, including the leader and the deputy leader to a certain extent, where there's an issue arounf abuse, and particularly when it involves a child, and there's somebody whom, after this sort of kangaroo court, Sinn Féin doesn't seem to disagree that all of this happened," she said.

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