Burton: Government will 'keep examining' need for domestic violence information law

Social Protection Minister Joan Burton would not commit to any plans to introduce an Irish version of 'Clare's Law' when questioned today.

The legislation comes into force in England and Wales today allowing people to check with police if their partner has a history of domestic violence.

The law is named after Clare Wood from Manchester. In 2009, she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, who unbeknown to her, had a history of violence to women.

Speaking on International Women's Day, Minister Burton said: "I do think it's something that we have to keep examining to see what do we do to discourage violence, to make women who are the subject of violence confident that they can go and make a complaint and go and talk to somebody.

"I think after that then to see if there are changes that are needed in the law to look then at how those changes would work."

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