Burton backs Gilmore, denies party leadership in question

The Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, has confirmed her support for the Labour leader Eamon Gilmore.

Minister Burton said there is "no leadership question" within the party, despite poor performances in opinion polls.

This morning, one of the party's two MEPs, Phil Prendergast, called for Minister Burton to take over as party leader immediately, saying it was the only way to avert a disastrous election for Labour.

But this evening Minister Burton said the best response to poor opinion polls is simply to step up the party's election campaign.

"The issue of Eamon Gilmore's leadership - [he] is the leader of the Labour party, he has my support in that," she said.

"There is no leadership question.

"Phil was probably - understandably - disappointed in the weekend polls, and I think the response to that, probably, is to get out and campaign."

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