Builder Seamus Ross 'delighted' to help Anglo as part of €45m Maple Ten deal

One of Ireland's biggest house builders during the boom has told a court he was "delighted" to give a "helping hand" to Anglo Irish Bank.

Seamus Ross is one of the so called Maple Ten investors to whom the bank loaned €45m to purchase Anglo shares in July 2008.

Former Anglo executvies Willie McAteer, Pat Whelan and Sean FitzPatrick deny the loans were unlawful.

Mr Ross told the jury of his very strong 15-year relationship with Anglo Irish Bank, saying he was "delighted" to help the bank in July 2008 when he was asked to buy a stake in Anglo with funding from the bank.

He said Anglo boss David Drumm explained the deal was backed by the Financial Regulator and that its purpose was to unwind Cavan businessman Sean Quinn's large stake in Anglo.

Mr Ross said he was surprised it was a private rather than a business loan and that his recollection from their very short meeting was that he would not be personally liable for the debt.

The builder told the jury that his recall of events around this time was affected by the fact he had "people knocking on his door over pyrite in houses" and that the subsequent High Court action took three years to settle.


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