Budget talk continues today as Government looks towards re-election

The Government parties will today begin the process of selling its budget, the main part of its re-election platform.

But last night the Finance Minister Michael Noonan ruled out an election before next year, saying the Taoiseach had closed the window on an election before Christmas.

Yesterday Ministers delivered what they hope will be a budget that gives something to workers and families.

They hope the USC cuts, welfare hikes, investment in childcare and freezing the property tax will form the basis for their re-election.

This morning the Taoiseach will face questions on the budget in the Dáil, while Ministers will continue to answer questions on radio and tv.

Then it will be over to the backbenchers to go out and sell the message of the budget, ahead of the election.

That election is now unlikely until the New Year after Michael Noonan declared last night that the Taoiseach had closed the window on a poll in November.


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