Brooks meeting kicks off in Dublin

Talks aimed at resolving the Garth Brooks concerts row are now understood to be underway.

The negotiations are taking in Dublin this evening to coincide with a press concert from the country music singer.

The move comes as residents of Croke Park have said they are willing to facilitate the gigs.

The Garth Brooks concerts cancellation controversy is continuing to rumble on.

A meeting - involving amongst others the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Christy Burke, and the Chief Executive of Dublin City Council, Owen Keegan - which was earlier called off - is now understood to be underway.

It was proposed after an intervention by the Taoiseach Enda Kenny last night.

Meanwhile, the officers of the Croke Park Community and Handball Centre have stated, in the interest of all the Croke Park communities, they are prepared to consider a new direction with a view to facilitating the holding of the Garth Brooks concerts.

The singer is due to hold a press conference around about now at which he is expected to provide some clarity on the situation.

The White House has said President Barack Obama will not be intervening in the debacle amid claims Croke Park residents were planning to deliver a petition to the US Embassy seeking the President's intervention.

A White House spokesperson added "this is an issue we'll leave to Mr Brooks and the City of Dublin to resolve".

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