Broadband expensive in Ireland compared to EU

Ireland has one of the highest monthly charges for Broadband in the EU.

Data released today by the European Commission shows a price difference of up to 400% between the lowest and the highest costs.

Ireland emerged as one of the more expensive nations in the study, which also showed that consumers only get 75% of the speed they sign up for.

The cheapest advertised broadband is available in Lithuania from €10.30 per month.

Cyprus has the highest starting monthly cost at €46.20, followed by Spain at €38.70 and Ireland at €31.40.

The research also shows two thirds of people do not know what internet speed they have signed up for.

The European Parliament will vote next week on the Commission’s plans for a "ConnectedContinent" which plans to offer consumers more transparency, more rights and better services.

"There is no single market for internet and that has to change," said European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes.

"There is no good reason why one person should pay over 4 times more than another in Europe for the same broadband."

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