Brendan Howlin 'very worried' about Brexit agreement

The Labour Leader Brendan Howlin says he is very worried over whether Britain and the European Union can reach an agreement on Brexit before next month's EU summit.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May said yesterday negotiations over the Irish border and trade are "at an impasse", and they will continue preparations for a "no-deal" scenario.

Meanwhile, the European Council President Donald Tusk says he is "convinced" a deal is still possible.

The UK is due to leave the EU in just over six month's time, and Mr Howlin is concerned about how negotiations are progressing:

Mr Howlin said: "I'm very worried, the Barnier team have been extraordinarily diplomatic. They will do their best to yet again engage with the British government, but it's hard to know who you are negotiating with.

"Can Theresa May actually negotiate a deal that will carry within her own government and within the British House of Commons?

"We have to engage with determination and patience, but we really do need to have a settlement within the next three weeks."

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