Breastfeeding breaks should be possible for up to one year after birth - Labour

Women should be able to take breastfeeding breaks at work for up to one year after birth, the Labour Party has said.

The party is making 14 recommendations to try to increase our breastfeeding rates.

It is calling for lactation consultants and support groups nationwide, as well as advertising restrictions on formula.

Recent figures show there is a huge difference in rates between rural and urban areas - eight in 10 babies are breastfed in south east Dublin compared to two in 10 in Donegal.

Labour Senator Kevin Humphreys said the disparity is all down to a lack of supports.

He said: "Wherever a mother has a baby - in Donegal, Dublin or Roscommon - those supports should be there for the her. We want to make sure the breastfeeding journey for the mother and child is a very good one, where (both) can benefit from the health benefits."

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