Bray Head fire uncovers World War Two 'EIRE' sign

By Stephen Barry

A gorse fire that scorched Bray Head and forced an evacuation of local residents has revealed a World War Two-era sign.

The 'EIRE' sign, made of rocks by Look Out Post volunteers, would've been placed by the coastline during the war to alert bombers that they were flying over neutral territory.

There were no such fully surviving markers on the east coast, but the Garda Air Support Unit has now spotted an 'EIRE' sign uncovered by the blaze.

A website dedicated to such markings,, says that approximately 85 of these signs were built.

Although most have been destroyed or overgrown over time, 15 have been located along the western coastline. Eight examples are still viewable around Donegal, including at Malin Head.

The Bray Head sign is the latest historical artefact to be uncovered as a result of the summer's heatwave, after the discovery of further pre-historic sites at Newgrange and the likely childhood home of St Oliver Plunkett.

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