Boy's fingers hacked off in knife attack

A teenager is recovering after a number of his fingers were hacked off in a brutal knife attack.

Gardaí said the 16-year-old boy was attacked in the kitchen of a house in the Clondalkin area of west Dublin just after midnight last Saturday morning.

Fianna Fáil councillor Trevor Gilligan said locals believe the attack was carried out following a row with criminals in the area.

“This is a disgraceful and barbaric attack, the worst I’ve come across since becoming a councillor for the area 10 years ago,” he said.

The teenager is understood to have attempted to flee from his attackers by running into a house in Kilcronan Close where he does not live.

He was set upon in the kitchen by a man armed with a large machete-type knife.

The teenager had some fingers completely severed in the attack and suffered deep lacerations to others, and knife wounds to his hands and arms while trying to protect himself.

He was being treated in St James’ Hospital.

Gardaí said no arrests have been made but that they are treating the attack as a serious assault.

The incident happened a day after a six-year-old boy was shot in the neck while playing on a green in an estate in the Ballyfermot area of west Dublin.

It is understood the youngster was hit by mistake when a man attempted to confront another man with a gun on the street and opened fire.

Mr Gilligan added: “This whole incident highlights the need for more garda resources and in particular more resources working on targeting gangs operating in Dublin.

“It’s clear that the gangs operating in communities like Clondalkin and Lucan feel they rule the streets and can act with impunity.”

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