Boyd Barrett: 'Lapdog' unions should break affiliation with Labour

The United Left Alliance is accusing the Trade Union movement of becoming the "lapdogs of the Labour Party".

The ULA said the unions should be at the forefront of the campaign against austerity and it is calling on workers to show solidarity with the general strikes and protests planned across six EU countries tomorrow.

Dun Laoighaire TD Richard Boyd Barrett said it is a "disgrace" that Irish trade unions are not taking part.

He also said the union leadership has abandoned its members for the Labour Party.

Mr Boyd Barrett said: "I think it is clear that they (the unions) are the lapdogs to Labour. They are politically affiliated to Labour, there is a huge overlap in terms of personnel and it is clear that there is conflict of interest.

"They are compromised on their willingness to fight on behalf of their members because of that affiliation.

"What we are saying is that they should break that affiliation and remember what they are there for and who they are there to serve."

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