Bord na Móna dye diesel to dissuade fuel theft

Bord na Móna has resorted to dyeing its diesel to dissuade fuel theft.

The dark blue dye is being introduced as many of BNM's machinery and fuel stores are in isolated places, making them vulnerable to opportunist thefts.

The firm plans to extend its CCTV system to many of its 80 sites in the New Year.

Speaking to KFM, Head of Fuels with BNM, Paul Riordan, says the introduction of the dye is already proving effective.

"We've had a problem the last while with diesel and there have been thefts if various locations around the country. With the co-operation of the Revenue, we have decided to dye our diesel dark blue and this has been very successful for us.

"It's a widespread problem at the moment."

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