Books of condolence open for Buncrana victims

Books of condolence will open in Buncrana and Derry today for the family who drowned when their SUV went off a pier on Sunday night.

Sean McGrotty, his sons Mark and Evan, Mr McGrotty's partner's mother Ruth Daniels and Ms Daniels' daughter Jodie Lee lost their lives when the car quickly filled with water while Mr McGrotty's four-month-old daughter, Rionaghac-Ann, was rescued by a passer-by who jumped into the water to help.

Their funerals will take place in their native Derry on Thursday afternoon.

The family's parish priest, Fr Paddy O'Kane has met with Mr McGrotty's partner and mother of Mark, Evan and Rionaghac-Ann, Louise Daniels:

"I met Louise, I hugged her and I held her hand. I didn't use any pious platitudes because they can be more hurtful than anything else. I just said I’m here for you and if there’s anything I can do don't be afraid to ask. I'm here.

"And when I went up to the house, it was just utter tragedy, the grief and the devastation."

Donegal councillor Rena Donaghey, says there's been a sombre mood in Buncrana since the news broke on Sunday night:

"People are just very quiet, very silent, don't know what to say. The whole enormity of the accident has not bedded down yet.

"The rescue itself was a massive rescue, to watch all of the flashing lights on the pier and not knowing what exactly the end result was going to be… People were just hoping for the best, but unfortunately we got the worst."

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