Book of evidence delays Tom O'Gorman murder case

Tom O'Gorman

A court has heard that the evidence book in the case of an Italian man accused of murdering his landlord in Castleknock, Dublin is still not finished.

Saverio Bellante is charged with killing Tom O'Gorman in his home at Beech Park Avenue in January.

Tom O'Gorman, a researcher and former journalist, was found dead in the early hours of January 12.

Saverio Bellante, who rented a room at Mr. O'Gorman's house, was arrested and charged with his murder.

The 34-year-old became unwell after he was first brought to court and he was excused from attending several appearances since.

He did appear before Cloverhill District Court today, where he was due to be presented with a book of evidence.

However, the court heard it is still being prepared and the state was given another two weeks to complete it.

Once that is done the DPP intends to send the Italian native forward for trial.

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