Body-parts find: Lack of clothing may suggest foul play

Gardaí investigating the suspicious death of a man whose dismembered limbs were found at a recycling plant in Dublin are cross-referencing DNA data with the missing persons' list in an effort to establish his identity.

A decomposed leg was discovered by a worker at Thornton's recycling plant in Ballyfermot last Thursday.

Follow-up searches resulted in other body parts being found, including a pelvis and an arm.

It is believed the man may have died weeks ago, rather than days ago as originally believed.

Reporter with the Herald Newspaper Conor Feehan said it was expected the inquiry would soon be upgraded to a murder probe.

"It hasn't been officially declared a murder investigation yet, but certainly all the resources that would be involved in a murder investigation are looking into this case," he said.

"There may have been an initial suspicion that here was another poor homeless person who was sheltering and may have been tipped into a bin and crushed, but the lack of clothing would suggest something more sinister, be it a murder or foul play of some sort."


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