Blanket 30km/hr speed limit proposed for Dublin

Some commuters in Dublin find other creative ways to get around the city. Picture: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

People in Dublin are being asked for their feedback on plans to make 30km/hr the default speed limit in the city.

The local authority had been introducing the lower limit in residential areas on a phased basis.

But under new Covid-19 plans, the zones will be extended to arterial routes including Rathmines and Harold's Cross Roads, Dorset Street and Gardiner Street.

A public consultation begins today and will last for six weeks.

Barry Aldworth from AA Ireland says it will have an impact on getting round the city. 

Mr Aldworth said: "People will still be able to drive where they need to. It might take a bit longer. 

"But on the flip side there is less likelihood of collisions causing delays in the city. 

"So it may actually increase or shorten your journey time as it is less likely to be a disruptive factor."

Other cities in Ireland have begun to pedestrianise their public spaces further in response to the coronavirus. 

In Cork, he historic Marina riverside amenity in Cork has been pedestrianised for the summer, fuelling hopes that it could become permanent.

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