Beach goers urged not to leave litter on our beaches following number of incidents

Beach goers are being urged to be respectful when taking to our country's strands.

The EPA says there has been an increase over the past 12 months of people are leaving litter behind them.

Senior Scientist at the EPA Peter Webster, says there has been a number of incidents over the summer months in particular.

"There’s nothing worse than going along and finding someone has fouled the beach before you and not bothered to take home their litter," he said.

"We’ve had instances of that this year Fountainstown and Myrtleville in Cork were inundated with litter," he added.

Mr Webster also pointed out several instances of raves which took place recently including the latest incident in Derrynane, Co Kerry.nam

Residents in Derrynane were left with a massive cleanup operation after large numbers of young people camped in the area over the bank holiday weekend.

The remnants from the weekend were strewn across the protected sand dunes, including human waste, used condoms, camping gear and other rubbish

The youths left many of the signs, including a list of names, indicating that at least some of the participants are from Cork.

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