Ban on below-cost alcohol due this week

The Government is expected to formally sign off on legislation banning the below cost selling of alcohol this week.

NoffLA, which represents off-licences across the country, said it is important that alcohol is sold safely, to discourage binge-drinking.

It could be the summer before the legislation comes into effect.

NoffLA spokesperson Evelyn Jones says below cost selling of alcohol can lead to excessive drinking.

"For us to have a sustainable trading environment and sustainable industry going forward, we need to promote the safe retailing of alcohol," she said.

However, she also mentioned the business impact that below-cost selling has when major supermarkets ca afford to use it as an incentive to bring customers in.

"Using alcohol as a footfall driver to sell other, dearer grocery products in mixed-trading environments wouldn't really be seen as the most responsible method of retailing."

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