Backbench support exists for property tax freeze, Junior Minister claims

A Junior Minister is welcoming proposals that would see a freeze imposed on property tax rates.

It emerged yesterday that the idea, which could last five years, is up for discussion as part of the preparations for Budget 2015.

The idea is that householders would have clarity on what taxes they will be facing over the term of the measure.

Minister of State at the Department of Social Protection, Labour's Kevin Humphreys, said he is in favour, and believes his coalition partners would agree.

"Certainly, I've talked to Fine Gael backbenchers that believe that is a good idea that we'd look at that freeze," he said.

"It'd give a certain amount of certainty to the public who could actually plan their expenditure, and they'd know exactly what the new tax is.

"Any new tax needs a time to 'bed in' … I think Minister Noonan has an opportunity in this Budget to look at putting a freeze on it for a number of years."

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