Avalanche of slurry sweeps car off road in Limerick

A woman is recovering at her home after her car was swept off the road by tens of thousands of gallons of slurry, and dumped in a field.

It happened shortly before 10pm last night with details only emerging this afternoon.

The Cappamore to Doon Road in East Limerick remains closed this afternoon after the slurry tank ruptured last night spilling an estimated 50,000 gallons of slurry down a hill on to the road.

Firefighters, Gardaí and an ambulance rushed to the scene and rescued the woman who is understood to be not seriously injured but severely shocked from the freak accident.

A major clean-up operation has been ongoing throughout the day and the road has recently re-opened to traffic.

However, an environmental impact study will likely take a number of days to complete.

Pat Hoban lives close to the scene and rescued the woman after hearing her screams for help.

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