Appeal launched to tackle illegal dumping

Donegal County Council are urging people to report illegal dumping.

The appeal follows the recent removal of 45 tonnes of waste, including household appliances and furniture, from an illegal dump at a scenic site in Gaoth Dobhair, Donegal.

The Director of Services with Donegal County Council, Michael McGarvey, says people caught illegally dumping their rubbish will face penalties.

"Unfortunately, we do have people who are intent in disposing of their waste in a irresponsible or illegal way," he said.

"We do have litter fines - a fixed penalty notice that we issue. We actually promote the awareness of preventing and taking the ownership in the first place," he added.

Mr McGarvey said there are a number of ways people can report illegal dumping, through local authorities and an anonymous hotline available on the EPA website.

Environment Minister Denis Naughten said he was particularly concerned about levels of fly-tipping and illegal dumping and had provided resources for a new enforcement initiative.

Minister Denis Naughten

He said: "The initiative involves key stakeholders including the waste enforcement regional lead authorities, local authorities, agencies and voluntary bodies, and I have made a total of €1.3m available for the scheme."


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