Appeal for information after woman and infant grandson 'rear-ended' by car in Limerick

The woman's jeep after the incident. Photo: Press 22.

A grandmother has made an online appeal for information to help Gardaí find four men who were travelling in a car that allegedly drove her and her grandson off a main road after they smashed into the back of the woman’s jeep.

The alleged hit and run incident happened on the N21, Limerick to Newcastle West road, around 5.30pm last Thursday, March 14.

The woman, who was driving a black coloured Toyota Rav 4 jeep, said she was about to turn off the road when a black Ford Mondeo smashed into her from behind.

Gardaí said four males travelling in a Ford Mondeo, which was fitted with UK registration plates, fled the scene.

Gardaí said they are still searching for the men so they can speak to them in connection with the serious collision.

Appealing for information in a Facebook post, the woman stated: “Hi folks this is my story. I had just collected my 20-month-old infant grandson, I was driving home on Thursday evening and about to turn, when a black Ford Mondeo came speeding behind me.”

“I saw them in my rear view mirror and honestly thought they would go inside me and pass me out. Instead, they rammed my jeep and drove me across the main N21 road.”

It was the luck of God that there wasn't a vehicle coming against me or I wouldn't be telling my story.

“I am begging people to come forward to the Guards with anything that can get these scumbags caught. It was an English reg car. I saw them run away but was too distraught to be able to identify them.”

“Thank God my little (grandson) will be ok but honestly I will never be able to sleep until they are caught.”

The woman’s post, which appears beneath a photograph of her mangled jeep, has been shared over 1,000 times.

“Please help. This is what's left of my car,” the woman added.

Another woman who read the appeal posted stated she was involved in a similar incident last year: “This has happened to me last August crashed into me and my two boys age (sic) two and four at the time drove me off the road.”

“Back window in on top of my kids air bags went off everywhere I will never forget it my car was wrote off. Guards said they got a finger print off the car and that it is gone off to be checked ..since then and still not back, there was (sic) two fellas and just ran off.”

Another person posted: “How awful for you and little (sic) (grandson). Sending you lots of love and get well wishes. Thank God you both walked away...Some impact to destroy a jeep like that...Get well soon.”

“Thank god you are both alive,” another stated.

Appealing for information, Sergeant Ber Leetch of Henry Street garda station said: “Last Thursday the 14th of March at approximately 5.30 in the evening a black jeep was stopped and waiting to turn right off the N21. Suddenly it was rear-ended by a black car.”

This car had four people in it all of whom jumped from the car and ran off, none of them have been located by Gardaí to date.

“Last Thursday was the day before the St Patrick’s bank holiday weekend, and at that time the roads were very busy. I’m sure there were witnesses to this accident so please, contact investigating Gardaí in Rathkeale on 069-63222.”

A garda source said no arrests had yet been made.

The grandmother was taken to hospital for treatment for “minor injuries” and the infant male was not injured, they added.

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