App made by Cork twins helps nursing homes deal with Covid-19

CEO and Co-Founder of Zendra Health Thomas Coleman with brother, David.
By Evelyn Ring
Irish Examiner Reporter

Cork twins Thomas and David Coleman have developed an app that nursing homes in Ireland are using to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The idea for the app was hatched during a conversation the brothers had over the kitchen table with their sister, Orla, director of nursing at St Luke's Home in Cork.

The nursing home has no confirmed cases of the coronavirus but Orla wanted an innovative way to help her staff manage and triage Covid-19 among patients while maintaining their wellbeing.

Thomas and David, from Douglas, Cork, founded Zendra Health that has offices in Dublin and in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, in 2017.

Using their building blocks platform Thomas and David produced a “companion app” for healthcare workers at St Luke’s in just five days.

The app allows staff to self-screen for Covid-19 and access educational materials on the coronavirus, personal protective equipment and response protocols. 

After being successfully trialled at St Luke's seven other nursing homes across the country have started using it.

“Our solution is benefitting several nursing homes now in Ireland and our product is already getting used in new, incredibly innovative ways that surpassed our expectations,” said Thomas.

Some of our clients have updated the apps using our advanced building blocks platform to provide additional support for residents.

“One client has added audio guides on the app and installed it on tablets for visually impaired residents."

 Thomas says 95% of the information on the app can be configured by management according to their needs and can be updated anytime and anywhere.

“This is a way for nursing homes to improve their communication and enhance their offering of care both during and post-Covid-19.”