Aodhán O'Ríordáin: Ireland needs the Labour Party

By Elaine Loughlin, political reporter

Junior Minister Aodhán Ó Ríordáin has lost his seat in Dublin Bay North after three days of counting.

The loss means the Labour party could lose their speaking rights in the Dáil as the currently only have six elected TDs, one below the quota.

The party is now clinging onto the hope that Willie Penrose may hold his seat in Longford-Westmeath where a recount is currently underway.

Mr Ó Riordáin was eliminated on the 15th count.

Speaking after the result he said “the tide was out" for his party.

"We took on challenges that were not popular - things like drug reform, Traveller rights, working to try and change the direct provision system. I wouldn't spend any less time on those things if I did it again."

Mr O'Ríordáin added: "Today is the first day of the comeback. Ireland needs the Labour Party and our value system.

"I absolutely believe we will recover from this and we will have better days again."

Independents Tommy Broughan and Finian McGrath as well as Sinn Féin’s Denise Mitchell took the final three seats in the “constituency of death”.

Richard Bruton had topped the poll in the five seat constituency while Sean Haughey came in second.


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