Anti-bullying training for parents made available

Parents around the country will be able to avail of new anti-bullying training by the National Parents Council.

The Department of Education has given €60,000 in funding to the National Parents Council to offer training to over 3,200 parents.

Parents will learn how to spot the symptoms of bullying in their children, as well as learning how to monitor their online activities in a bid to combat cyberbullying.

A recent survey by the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals found that 15% of parents never checked on their children's online activity.

"This is a judgement that a parent has to make," said Education Minister Ruairi Quinn.

"The balance between respecting the privacy of a young person, and the necessity to ensure… that they don't come to any harm, is something hat I think every parent has to find their own way to do."

"Knowing how to open the iPad in the first instance might help."

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