Annual report due two days after prisoner dies in Cork Prison

The Irish Prison Service will release its annual report today, two days after a prisoner lost his life in a row in Cork Jail.

The body will release the document alongside the Probation Service's annual report this afternoon.

It comes as Fianna Fáil calls on the Minister for Justice and the Prison Service to give assurances about prisoner and staff safety at jails across the country.

Justice spokesperson Niall Collins says this latest incident has raised concerns.

He said: "We're very concerned about the safety standards within our prisons at the moment. We had a situation in Cork, we also had a situation in Tallaght Hospital recently.

"We are calling on the Government to give assurances that prisoners are safe in the prison environment and indeed that staff are also safe.

"Last year there were 151 assaults recorded against prison officers and that is simply not good enough."

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