Angry pensioners stage Dail protest over pension cuts

Angry pensioners have held a protest outside the Dáil this morning over cuts to their pensions.

Changes made by Joan Burton in 2013 mean 35,000 pensioners lose between 15 and 30 euro a week, especially those who took time out to raise families before 1994.

Speaking to Newstalk radio this morning the pensioners hit out at the cuts.

"This is an absolute injustice. I am one of lucky people who retired prior to 2012.

Another said: "I am still working because of the shock I got when I saw what I was gong to get on retirement.

A fellow pensioner continued: "This is just not on. This is only the beginning. I am in this for the long fight."

One former public servant was particularly angry at Leo Varadkar’s Fine Gael leadership slogan that he wants to represent those who get up early in the morning:

"I’d have loved to be standing beside Leo ... I was in government buildings at 6.30am and reported for duty at 7 every morning."

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