Amnesty calls for justice mechanic in Good Friday implementation

Amnesty Ireland will present a detailed report on how to deal with past injustices in the North to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement later.

The report, titled "Northern Ireland: Time to Deal With The Past", calls on the committee to initiate independent inquiries into some of the atrocities that occurred in Northern Ireland over the three decades of the troubles.

Amnesty International Ireland said it is important to address the past and deal with any outstanding injustices.

Executive Director Colm O'Gorman said the initial Haass proposals would have played a part in highlighting and dealing with any outstanding issues.

"[They] call for a comprehensive mechanism to address the past, to deal with issues … in establishing truth, but also in relation to justice and accountability," he said.

He said they would talk at the committee about the part Ireland should play as a party to the Good Friday Agreement.

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