Almost two-thirds of voters support FF or FG, poll finds

The combined support for the two main political parties now stands at 61%, according to the latest opinion poll out today.

A Red C / Sunday Business Post survey shows support for Fianna Fail support up three points to 29% - just three points behind Fine Gael on 32%.

Sinn Féin's support is down one point to 14 while Independents are up one at 10%.

Labour are unchanged at 6%.

"It certainly seems in this poll that the famous phrase used by our Finance Minister Paschal Donohue quite a while back that the centre must hold [rings true]," said Sunday Business Post Political Editor, Michael Brennan.

"The centre certainly is holding, because Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have about 61% of the vote between them, that's much higher than what they would have experienced during the recession.

"So perhaps the rise in the economy is helping them."

- Digital desk

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