Almost €1.5k spent in Dáil bar on night of abortion debate

Approximately 300 drinks costing just over €1,400 were bought at the Dáil members bar on the night of the abortion debate.

The massive bill was racked up on the same night the controversial 'lapgate' incident took place.

According to figures obtained by the Irish Sun, TD's clocked up a bar bill of over €10,000 in the 48-hour period around the abortion debate.

The newspaper today revealed that 59 quarter-bottles of wine were consumed along with around 300 pints and almost 50 spirits.

The figures are taken from till receipts in both the members and visitors bars.

The members bar stayed open until 5am in the morning while TD's were in the chamber participating in the debate.

Meanwhile the Sinn Fein Leader has said the Dáil's bar needs to cut back on opening hours.

Gerry Adams said it is now clear that some TDs were under the influence of alcohol on the night of the vote.

He said that politicians need to consider their behaviour while they consider new laws.

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