All gardaí asked to fill out survey on best and worst of Force

A nationwide survey of gardaí is being carried out to hear the views of officers on how to improve the force in the wake of recent controversies.

The survey was launched by interim commissioner Noirín O'Sullivan, who said she wanted to see senior gardaí listen and engage more across the organisation.

It is the first time a study of this kind has been carried out. All feedback will be anonymous.

This survey of all Garda staff revolves around five key questions:

- The strengths of the force;

- The main issues and challenges;

- What improvement should be prioritised;

- What is needed to make those changes;

- Any other feedback they might have.

Interim Commissioner Noirín O'Sullivan said the input could shape the future of the Gardaí. Senior officers say the information will be used to develop a blueprint to tackle the issues surrounding the force, especially in the wake of the Garda tapes controversy.

Commissioner O'Sullivan said criticism of the organisation should be embraced constructively.

She asked every member to pledge to live up to the values of An Garda Síochána, and improve the image of the force.

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