Algerian man facing US terrorism charge appears before High Court

An Algerian man wanted in the United States on terrorism charges has appeared before the High Court.

Ali Charaf Damache also known as the 'black flag' was arrested on an extradition warrant yesterday evening after he walked free from a court in Waterford.

Mr Damache was originally arrested in Ireland in 2010 over the 'Jihad Jane' plot to assasinate a Swedish artist who depicted the Muslim prophet Muhammad as a dog.

However he was subsequently tried in Waterford on unrelated charges and yesterday pleaded guilty to sending a menacing message to an American activist who had organised a protest against Islamic extremism.

The 47 year walked free having served nearly three years in prison while awaiting trial.

He was re-arrested almost immediately on a US extradition warrant and today appeared at the High Court dressed in jeans, a checked shirt and jumper.

He is wanted on charges of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and with identity theft to facilitate an act of terrorism – a charge which holds a 30 year maximum sentence.

He has been remanded in custody ahead of his next court appearance on Tuesday.

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