Algerian man facing US extradition granted second senior counsel

Lawyers for an alleged terrorist facing extradition to the United States say he may end up in a supermax prison in Colorado described by a former warden 'as a clean version of hell'.

Algerian Ali Charaf Damache was today granted a second senior counsel to fight against his surrender to the US authorities because of the complexity of the case

Mr Damache remains in custody after his second High Court appearance.

The 47 year old was once arrested but not charged over the 'Jihad Jane' plot to kill Swedish artist Lars Vilks who depicted the Muslim prophet Muhammad as a dog.

He is now facing extradition to the US on two terrorism charges, one has a maximum penalty of up to 30 years in jail.

His barrister Mark Lynam says people convicted of such offences end up in ADX supermax prison in Colorado.

Damache is fighting his surrender to America on a multitude of grounds including prison conditions in the US and on grounds that the offences with which he has been charged are alleged to have occurred in Ireland

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