Alan Kelly believes 'honourable' Taoiseach will hold 2016 general election

Labour's deputy leader Alan Kelly believes the general election will be next year, describing the Taoiseach as an "honourable man".

“He has always kept his word on everything and I expect that to be the case here as well,” Mr Kelly said.

“It is at the Taoiseach’s discretion, but he has always indicated that it would be early 2016 and I have no reason to believe that it will be any way different.”

The Tánaiste Joan Burton has also said she is "very confident" that the general election will not be held until 2016.

Joan Burton says she has "never been a quitter" and wants to see out Labour's five-year term.

The Taoiseach is still refusing to give a date for an election, which was the subject of a half-hour meeting between the two this morning.

But the Tánaiste said she still wants to finish the work the current government has planned.

“Well I am not aware that anybody has said, who is a decision maker in this, that a November election is going to be called,” the Tánaiste said.

“We just have lots of work to do and we intend to actually stay the course.

“I’ve never been a quitter, I want to stay the course and see the work that we have started, really important work, that we actually finish it.”

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