Airplane diverted to Shannon with sick passenger

A transatlantic passenger jet that diverted to Shannon Airport this afternoon has continued its journey.

American Airlines flight AA-733 was travelling from London Heathrow to Charlotte, North Carolina in the US when the crew turned around west of Mayo at around 11.30am.

The crew sought permission to divert to Shannon reporting they had a passenger on board who had fallen ill.

Airport fire crews were mobilised to holding areas close to the runway ahead of the flights arrival.

Shortly before the flight was due to land however, the crew confirmed they were declaring a full emergency as a precaution.

One ambulance had already been sent to the airport while further ambulance resources from Ennis and units of the fire brigade from Shannon Town and Ennis were also mobilised.

The flight touched down safely at 12.09pm and was able to taxi directly to the terminal accompanied by emergency vehicles.

Paramedics boarded the flight to assess the patient, a women in her 30’s, who was removed to University Hospital Limerick for treatment,

The flight was able to continue its journey at 1.50pm.


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