Aiken: Final decision on Garth Brooks next week

Peter Aiken of Aiken Promotions says a final decision on the fate of the Garth Brooks Croke Park concerts will have to be made early next week.

He says work on the infrastructure for the gigs is already under way at the stadium and that he hopes to avoid having to take legal action against Dublin City Council’s decision to refuse two of the five shows.

Brooks has said that he would perform all five concerts in Croke Park or none at all.

Dublin City Council said last night that the decision to reduce the number of Garth Books Concerts from five to three "cannot be amended or appealed".

Speaking to Red FM, Peter Aiken said it would be very difficult to find another venue with the capacity for 80,000 people.

"This has been designed," he said. "You can't take 80,000 people and say: 'Oh, let's go to somewhere that holds 40,000' - what do you do with the 40,000 that would turn up?

"You cannot take something that was designed for a certain stadium and move it somewhere else."

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